Joel Straussner 

Confucius Was A Yankee Fan

by Joel H. Straussner, Ph. D.

Long ago, in China there lived a man
and Confucius was his name.
Teaching people how to live well
was how he earned his fame.
Now few people know
that Confucius was a New York Yankee fan
and to many a game,
he did go.
When at a game,
he would take his favorite seat
behind home plate.

When the Yankees won,
he would smile wistfully,
and when they lost
he would say, Ah Karma, tis fate.

Now Confucius was also known
for the things he did say.
He told the Yankees one day
Play hard work together
as a team,
Then the world series
you will play,
This will not be a dream.

Do not be like
Springtime ember
burning brightly
but quickly fade.
World series dreams
are not this way made.
After many a game,
Confucious would go over
how the Yankees played:
all their home runs
all their walks
and most definitely,
their errors.
He would discuss
what they did
with his star pupil,
their coach,
Yogi Berra.

So if to the stadium you go
and see a ghostly light.
Its only Confucius doing
what he loved best,
So dont be afraid
For now you know.
But if you see him,
there is something
you must do.
say to him, Hello Mr. Confucius
I am a big fan of the Yankees
I love to watch them play
just like you.

* * *

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