..Gina Green..

The Fighter

OK, here's my story.

I used to be a fighter.

My best friends were Bob and Weave.

That's a joke.

Oh, I hit some guys good and knocked others out, but the belt I wanted was invisible.

I got hit back so many times from so many angles that one day I decided it was better to sit ringside, instead of on the ring, inside.

That's another joke.

So, I'm sitting ringside and I still get plugged – every day.

That's when I realized my opponents lived in me.

So I decided to become a manager. And my first and only clients would be the opponents in me.

They were already trained to aim real good and had strength, enough to stop a locomotive at top speed. The best part was they had no allegiance. What I mean is, I could tell them to fight X or Y instead of me, and they listened.

That reminds me of another joke: I don't call her my "Ex," I call her my "Y?"

So, anyway, now I got a team: Me and Me - like that French name: Me-Me.

And I hold Me-tings. I ask Me: what's going on; is it time to move in, jab, take a swing, or dance away? And I feed Me the right stuff: no more anger, fear, despair shit...and they don't hit me no more!

These days I'm getting ready to get back into the ring. The belt is becoming visible.

That's what happens when the opponents inside become your Cornermen.

* * *