Joel Straussner 

The Ukranian Man Holding a Cat

by Joel H. Straussner, Ph. D.

On t.v.,
I saw a Ukranian man holding a cat.
Walking dreamlike
past the rubble
of a life
he once knew.
Holding his cat,
now a lifeline
to the present,
helping him bear the pain
helping him get through,
all the devastation
wrought by this war's
deadly strife.

The cat seemed to know
what they both needed.
Clinging tightly,
holding firmly,
to each other,
they both found the strength
to keep on walking.
Achieving their goal,
man and cat,

Wars destroy all.
Killing the old,
the handicapped,
women and children too.
Our companions,
our "pets,"
save us,
with their love,
courage and devotion,
giving us the will
to start living again,
and our faith
in life,
in love,
in goodness,
and maybe even in God,

So Mr. Ukranian Man,
wherever you are
whatever you do,
may God bless
and keep you safe.
May the great eternals,
also bless and keep
your companion cat safe too.

* * *