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The New Sun has caught the eye of high-placed optimists" -

Confucius Was A Yankee Fan
by Joel H. Straussner, Ph. D.

Long ago, in China there lived a man
and Confucius was his name.
Teaching people how to live well
was how he earned his fame.
Now few people know
that Confucius was a New York Yankee fan..


I Believe in Love
by Spaghetti Eastern Music
For everyone who loves love.

A Child's Question
by Jon Simonds

Father's Day was never amongst my favorite holidays. As the son of a New York cabbie

(he was voted 1 of New York's 10 best cabbies in a New York Daily News poll way back

in 1975), living in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Father's Day always meant...Continued

"...Conflict resolution. Whether it starts in the home or the neighborhood, the town, the state - let's just see if we can't talk to each other, rather than talking passed each other, and try to lower the amount of anger that's out there."

Michael Douglas on Democracy in the Time of Covid

Upside and downside.

First the downside:

  • General disrepair, a breaking down of the system.

  • A number of treaties have broken down.

  • Some countries are forming a more populist regime, less democratic.

  • Even with our elections, there were questions about manipulations.

  • We have this world crisis with the pandemic, which is affecting all the countries in the world right now, neutralizing them
    to some extent. We have vulnerabilities in China, in Russia, the United States, I think it's 180 countries.

    And now the upside...



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