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The New Sun has caught the eye of high-placed optimists" -

Positive Pandemic News

From U.K. Astrologer Stephen Judd (who has been studying astrological patterns for over 40 years):

The astrological patterns he's been studying these days, "suggest that by the 2nd quarter of '22, Covid as we have known it is going to have been lessened to the point that it will become more like the flu, with probably more variants but weakened each time, and we will begin to see the end of Covid." Judd also said, "We are all responsible for our thought patterns. We are all responsible for our perception and the way we choose to see the world as being."

From a friend's e-newsletter:

"...They say it's possible that the arrival of the omicron variant might mark the departure of the plague, the beginning of the end, not of humanity but of the pandemic. That's because there is significant historical precedent suggesting that when the life-cycle of a virus winds down it gets more contagious but less lethal, in other words is basically done with us. Well, that would sure be a welcome turn of events..."

You Can Do a Lot for Yourself
(When Doing for Others)

by Jon Simonds

People with paychecks put a large portion of their income back into the community.


Update: "...My new year's resolution, which I hope is going to be shared with a lot of people around the world, is about reducing the volume. Conflict resolution. Whether it starts in the home or the neighborhood, the town, the state - let's just see if we can't talk to each other, rather than talking passed each other, and try to lower the amount of anger that's out there. Please. I wish you all a wonderful, wonderful new year..." (Source: Facebook video.)

Michael Douglas on Democracy in the Time of Covid

Upside and downside.

First the downside:

  • General disrepair, a breaking down of the system.

  • A number of treaties have broken down.

  • Some countries are forming a more populist regime, less democratic.

  • Even with our elections, there were questions about manipulations.

  • We have this world crisis with the pandemic, which is affecting all the countries in the world right now, neutralizing them
    to some extent. We have vulnerabilities in China, in Russia, the United States, I think it's 180 countries.

    And now the upside...



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