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The New Sun has caught the eye of high-placed optimists" -

An Interview with Diana Beresford-Kroeger
Planting Trees Can Save Us
by Lese Dunton

You may have read about scientist and author Diana Beresford-Kroeger in The New York Times or seen her interviewed by Jane Fonda on Fire Drill Fridays.

Ms. Beresford-Kroeger is uniquely skilled at helping us understand our spiritual and biological connection to forests - and provides the answers we need for climate renewal. A blend of mystic, scientist, and visionary, she understands ancient Celtic wisdom as deeply as the fields of botany and medical biochemistry.

In her vast earth-changing work, including the documentary, Call Of The Forest - The Forgotten Wisdom Of Trees, she clearly explains "the science and enchantment of the global forest."

More good news: Diana is on a mission to save the planet in a simple and effective way that everyone can do right now: by planting trees... Continued.

"...Conflict resolution. Whether it starts in the home or the neighborhood, the town, the state - let's just see if we can't talk to each other, rather than talking passed each other, and try to lower the amount of anger that's out there."

Michael Douglas on Democracy

Upside and downside.

First the downside:

  • General disrepair, a breaking down of the system.

  • A number of treaties have broken down.

  • Some countries are forming a more populist regime, less democratic.

  • Even with our elections, there were questions about manipulations.

  • We had this world crisis with the pandemic, which affected all the countries in the world, neutralizing them
    to some extent. We had vulnerabilities in China, in Russia, the United States, I think 180 countries.

    And now the upside...

    New Building Embodies High Performing Future
    Pioneering technologies for healthy indoor living
    by Lese Dunton

    The hydrangea flowers in their sales office lasted over two weeks, twice as long as usual.

    Then they realized the bowl of grapefruits on the table remained fresh for over six weeks - without refrigeration.

    What's going on?...Continued

    Why Do We Value Life?
    by Jon Simonds

    Why do we value life - so little? It's Sunday and the doors of the church burst open freeing the flock to venture
    off on this day of rest before resuming the doldrums of a work week needed to feed the hungry jaws of the economy.
    Men dressed in their Sunday best need only a briefcase to match the look of Wall Street brokers...Continued

    Hospice Care:
    A Personal Perspective

    by Joel H. Straussner, Ph. D.

    Maybe it is my inherent optimism that helps me cope.

    Talking to others helps as does writing this piece.

    Sometimes, maybe it is the scotch I drink that helps me fall asleep.




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