Talkettes is an audio platform in development enabling short soundbites that everyone can embed, anywhere.

Instead of typing a maximum of 140 characters, you have 15 seconds in which to talk. Each short recording generates a tiny Talkettes symbol that you can then spread and embed throughout the web.


It will give you a way to communicate quickly, in a voice that only you have. You can share by text or email, or by embedding on websites. When listeners click or "mouse over" the little icon, they'll hear your distinctive voice, briefly. Each Talkette serves as a compelling invitation to find out more.

Talkette creators share their great work, accelerate helpfulness projects, impart deep thoughts, excellent information, good jokes, bad jokes, or anything they wish.


You'll get a profile page ("Soundbite Station") containing all your recordings in one place so that people can easily find and hear you. You can also find and listen to the voice of others. It's like having your own little recording studio and radio station of soundbites. Attract listeners and become a listener. (You can tell a lot about a person just by their tone.)


Overview. (Cartoons mostly.)

Who's behind this? Meet the team.

Hear exclusive recordings in The New Sun: Dr. Mehmet Oz, Judy Collins, Billy Crystal, Pulitzer Prize-winner Jimmy Breslin, columnist Jon Simonds, and author Ben Bryant. (Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage.)

Talkettes will provide an easy way to express yourself - and then you can spread and embed your unique voice "like gold dust" around the web and directly to friends.

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