The New Sun

Sacred Mother,

Born In The Heart Of The Mother Land.
You Keep The Fire Burning In Our Hearts,
So That We Can Love
And Live More Fully.

Knowing Always
That You Send The Ancestors
To Guide And Strengthen Us,
When We Almost Lose Our Way.

Knowing That You Are The Way,
The Truth And The Light.
Keeps Us In The Way.

Knowing That
We Must Keep On Loving
And Sharing With Each Other
So That The Way Will Be A Guidepost
For Your Other Children,
Who Are Still In The Struggle.

We Look In Your Face
And See The Beauty And Strength
Of The Ages,
Shining Through To Us.

We Look At Your Ears
And Know That
You Are Listening To Our Supplications
And The Love That We Send To You.

We Look At Your Eyes
And See The Light Of Love And Beauty
Forth Coming To Us
With Your Blessing And Guidance.

We Look At Your Mouth
And Know That
You Are Speaking Sweetness And Truth
To The Very Souls Of Your Children,
Their Children. Oh! The Children

We Continue To Pray The Prayer:

"That Even Though We Live In A Troubled
And Blood Stained World
That Thy Prayers And Blessing May Blossom
Into Joy On Earth, Peace Among Men."
(Edgar Cayce January 29, 1941 - Edgar Cayce On Prophecy)

We Thank You And Bless You.
  Oh! Precious Mother Always.

  by Sees Far Eagle

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