Sheynkayt: Beauty.
Bei mir bist du sheyn: To me you are so beautiful.
Bubby: Grandma.
Tante: Aunt.
Menchen: People.
Meinsa: Story (Bubba Meinsa means old wives tale).
Vos zogt dayn shpigl?: What does your mirror say? (pronounced Vawss ZAWG-N dein SHPEEG-L).
Shlump: Slob.
Es iz azoy geshmak: It feels so good (pronounced Ehs zoy geshmack).
Noch besser: Better still.
Mein kind: My child.
Geb a kook auf mir: Take a look at me.
So vos machts du?: So how are you?
Balt: Sure.
Gai in bod and koch luchen: Go in the bathtub and cook noodles.
Was danks du?: What do you think?
Hast du shane fargessen?: Have you forgotten already?
Geb a kook: Give a look see.
Fees a ruf: Go from the feet up.
Sheech: Shoes.
The Nicht Gut List: The No Good List.
Fodems: Threads.
Chochema: The wise one (pronounced who-WHO-ma).

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