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Welcome to Global Gifts. If you are an important executive, in addition to all of your other duties, perhaps you have to select gifts. Whether the gifts are for rewarding employees, presenting to visiting dignitaries and customers, or handing out at meetings -- you can call upon my expertise to help you decide upon the appropriate item.

When we have narrowed down the prices, I will then go out and find them, bring you samples and, if requested, help you and your colleagues make the final selection. I will then order the item, see that it carries your company's logo and any other message or personalization, and deliver it to you. My services are included in the cost of the item and that cost is usually less than you would pay for it elsewhere.

I have been referred to as "The Wizard of Roz," I presume, due to my ability to target the needs of my corporate accounts, whether they be "in house" or visiting perspective clients of your firm. There are times when imprinting your company logo is important. Equally important is size, placement and color. It is judgment call that we together consider and arrive at an appropriate vehicle to enhance your corporate image.

When you order a product from me, often at substantial savings, my eighteen years of expertise are included in the price. I have personally researched, tested, or asked others to test the items pictured here for your business needs.

The Insulated Global Tote

Textured, it looks like an expensive leather bag. It has an outside pocket for papers or sunglasses and great inside features - like two pockets and special freezer pack to keep any food items safe and cold.

Trick: Use it on a plane for your food. Take to the beach or pool. Remember, it is totally insulated with a map of the world design and two comfortable carrying straps for shoulders or holding.

Price: $25 plus tax/shipping
Imprinting available
Minimum order: 4

The Global Cap

A great practical hat with visor made of a special fabric called Tyvec. The cap is a colorful world map. Logo stands out in black letters or we'll talk about your color needs. Tyvec is a product made by Dupont. It is a space age polyethylene material that is incredibly strong, durable, and tear resistant. There are many more Tyvek products available but for now we will begin with the cap. In addition to the world map, it can be ordered with a map of the USA, of New York City, and even of Solar Space.

Price: $14.95 plus tax/shipping
Imprinting available
Minimum order: 4

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