Hey There Comic Lovers!
Kooky Comics
Specializing in books from the '60s & '70s
Marvel, D.C., Atlas and Independent

Sample of Availabe Titles:

Superman (Giant #6, 1965) $10.00
THOR (#122, 1965) $15.00
Fantastic (Four #69, 1967) $5.00
Daredevil (#41, 1968) $7.00
Marvel Collectors Item Classics (#11, 1968) $3.00

$3.00 extra for shipping and handling.
Great 50 cent, dollar and dollar fifty books available as well.

Please let us know if you want a more complete listing
of comics and/or what we can help you locate.

To inquire or place an order, email: contactus@newsun.com.
Further instructions on payment will be given.