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How I Feel

I have been asked, "How are you feeling?" a lot since I have Fribromyalga. I have three answers: good, great and wonderful!

Here is how I decipher it: Good means thinking about changing the sheets. Great means making the bed and Wonderful means moving the room around.

Good means dreaming about taking a walk, Great means planning a trip and Wonderful means going on a trip.

Good means, "What is for dinner?"
Great means making dinner.
Wonderful means going out for dinner.

One of the lessons in life that I have learned is you affect those around you. If you tell them a sad tale, they go away feeling sorry for you. If you tell them a happy story, they leave smiling. Now, don't get me wrong, family and friends really care about how I am. I try to tell them only when I feel they need to know and I need help. But otherwise, I give out a positive attitude and hope for one in return.

For years I took care of my mother. She took to her bed for over eight years by giving up and deciding never to get out. I met her every need for 12 years. But every time I left her room, I would say to myself, "What is going on in her head that she prefers to eat, sleep and live in bed?" She had been told many times from her doctors she could get up and walk. I was her cheerleader and supporter. I told her she could do it; she didn't want to. She preferred to stay there.

The lesson she taught my family is NEVER give up. Life is waiting to happen. Whatever happens, you will be able to face it and turn it around in your favor. You do affect the people around you; you can make a smile or heartbreak. You can make friends go home and start to feel better themselves. You can teach them to get on with their lives by blooming where they are planted. You can show your family that failures and mistakes are stepping stones, not a boulder on their shoulder. You can turn sadness into to soaring sprits.

The way to do this is to get out of bed, get in the sun and realize that you are a growing plant in the garden of life. Your special look is adding to the Glory of the Garden. We are all beautiful and give, to all that see us, hope. Hope to achieve and succeed.

By the way, I feel wonderful.

by Carolee Kaufold

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