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A hush falls over the room
And in the room, the only
Sound is the silence

A hush falls over the room
And in the silence, the only
Sound resounding, is the
Resonant rhythm of her

In her thoughts,
See the beating of her heart
Smell the essence of her smile
Taste her infinite wisdom
Touch her joie de vivre,
As it penetrates the silence
Saturates the silence, with the
Beauty of its silence.....

Painted like a still life....
On the canvas of her room.

A Winter's Tale

Because it was the first snowfall of Winter,
I never asked your name.

Caught up in a blurring, blinding, blizzard of white,
You swirled and whirled your way into my unsuspecting Heart.

Time was, the "coldness" of winter filled me with despair.
Then you came, and Winter never knew such warmth.

by Carol Edwards

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