Song List
SONGS (arranger)
Side A
1. If He Changed Mah Name (traditional)
Benjamin Matthews
2. I'm A Po' Lil' Orphan (arr. Eva A. Jessye/Robinson)
Samuel McKelton
3. An' I Cry ((arr. Eva A. Jessye/Sanders)
Vanessa Ayers/Solo Ensemble
4. I'm So Glad Trouble Don't Last Always (traditional)
Vanessa Ayers/Benjamin Matthews/Gregory Sheppard
5. Gonna Journey Away (arr. Noa Ryer/Sanders)
Solo Ensemble
6. Sing Aho, If I had the Wings of a Dove (arr. Margaret Bonds)
André Solomon-Glover
7. Now Let Me Fly (arr. J. Rosmond Johnson/Sanders)
Solo Ensemble/André Solomon-Golver
8. Two Wings (arr. Roland Hayes)
Samuel McKelton
9. Guide My Feet (arr. Jacqueline B. Hairston)
Karen Parks
10. I'm A Rollin' (arr. J. Rosamond Johnson)
Gregory Sheppard
11. Stand The Storm (arr. Betty Jackson King/Matthews)
Solo Ensemble/Karen Parks
12. Hallelujah (traditional)
Solo Ensemble/Samuel McKelton
13. You Mus' Come In By And Thro' De Lamb (arr. Roland Hayes)
André Solomon-Glover
14. Come Out the Wilderness (traditional)
Solo Ensemble
15. Talk About A Child That Do Love Jesus (traditional)
Karen Parks
Side B
16. His Name So Sweet (arr. Hall Johnson)
Solo Ensemble
17. Po' Mo'ner Got A Home At Las' (arr. Hall Johnson)
Vanessa Ayers
18. There Is A Balm In Gilead (arr. Leo Edwards) The Storm Is Passing Over (traditional)
Benjamin Matthews
19. Great Day (arr. Hall Johnson)
Solo Ensemble
20. Ride On Jesus (arr. Jacqueline B. Hairston)
André Solomon-Glover/Vanessa Ayers
21. Oh, Wasn't Dat A Wide River (arr. J. Rosamond Johnson)
Solo Ensemble/Vanessa Ayers
22. I Don't Feel No-Ways Tired (arr. Jacqueline B. Hariston)
Karen Parks/Samuel McKelton
23. Now We Take This Feeble Body (arr. R. Nathaniel Dett)
André Solomon-Glover
24. The Bridegroom Has Done Come (arr. William C. Handy)
Solo Ensemble
25. Ride Up In The Chariot (arr. Betty Jackson King)
Karen Parks
26. Done Crossed Every River (arr. Mark Fax)
Solo Ensemble

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