The Fearless Leader
Frank West (center)
Spokesmodels for 2B Fashion Activewear, created by Max Gross and Rosana Lewis

The Redbone Dancers is the creation of Frank West, whose background spans film, video, music video and stage. His early training began with the Graham Technique, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and The Dance Theater of Harlem. He has studied and performed with Geoffrey Holder, Louis Johnson and Joel Dabin of the Paris Opera. His earliest inspiration in movement came by way of his primary training in martial arts and and orientalism continues to have an everpresent influence on his choreography. He also credits the Paris "Spectacle Extraordinaire" of Miss Josephine Baker and the ballets of Geoffery Holder for their continuing influence.

His greatest challenge in his work is to touch upon the passions that lie hidden within all human beings and tap into the explosive energy that is released when these passions find a medium through which to be realized. His dual objective is to create works that elicit feelings of fantasy and sensuality that are rooted in movements of strength and agility.

Special thanks are given to:

Mr. Leonardo Devaga, Mr. Geoffery Holder, Mr. Ben Matthews, Mr. John Henry Miller, Mr. George Patterson, Mr. Freddie Orange, Mrs. June Parodi, Mr. Harold Pierson, Mr. Omar Samaye, Mr. Wayne Sanders, Mr. Michael Stephens, and Mr.
Ken R. Robeson.

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