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  "The New Sun has caught the eye of high-placed optimists" -

 Welcoming Talkette from the Editor. An audio hello.

 Judy Collins on why she loves what she does. (13 secs) Discover more about Judy in this interview.

 Dr. Oz on what medicine can help us realize (12 secs) inspired by this interview.

  What Pulitzer Prize-winner Jimmy Breslin likes about nurses. (14 secs) Also read Beauty in a Cancer Ward.

 Billy Crystal gets to play for Yankees for one night. (15 secs)
From the audiobook
Still Foolin' 'Em.

To learn more about Talkettes, go to

Interview with Dr. C. Norman Shealy
Using Oil on Acupuncture Points Improves Health and Longevity

Dr. Shealy has created oils that can be placed on certain acupuncture points. There are 5 "Bliss Oils": Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Crystal. Each of these oils have corresponding points on the body where they are applied (called circuits or "rings"). Instead of going to an acupuncturist who inserts needles, you can apply these oils on yourself, with extremely beneficial results. continued.

A Morning Conversation
From a Collection of Poems
by Irwin J. Goldman

Anita was serving tea on a small balcony.
It's now or never, she told me,
If you want heaven and seek it...continued.

A Must-See
And So It Goes

The performances of Mr. Douglas and Ms. Keaton are superb. I still feel like I'm inside the theatre, immersed in the story. It has stayed in my consciousness for days. Always a good sign.

In addition to a magnificent cast, the film beautifully portrays the two best things about being alive: love and humor. continued.

Parenting from the Past
The Basically Brooklyn Series by Jon Simonds

(15 secs)

Any self-respecting parent knows the answer to every question in the world is:
"That's a good question. Let's look it up on the Internet."... continued.

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