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  "The New Sun has caught the eye of high-placed optimists" -

The Blueberry Blog #3
Blueberry Fields Forever
by Lese Dunton

"Nothing is real," I thought the other day, slumping into my chair in despair.

Oh yeah, sounds like John Lennon from the song Strawberry Fields Forever.

He also says it is "nothing to get hung about." Okay good, that's helpful. continued.

 A welcoming Talkette from the Editor.

 Hear Dr. Oz on Why do we exist? (12 secs of audio) from this 1999 interview.

What does Pulitzer Prize-winner Jimmy Breslin like about nurses?
He tells you in 15 seconds. Listen here.
Inspired by his classic article, Beauty in a Cancer Ward.

 Billy Crystal plays for Yankees. (15 secs)
From the audiobook
Still Foolin' 'Em.

To learn more about Talkettes, go to

Parenting from the Past
The Basically Brooklyn Series by Jon Simonds

(15 secs)

Any self-respecting parent knows the answer to every question in the world is:
"That's a good question. Let's look it up on the Internet."... continued.

Sacred Sound
by Alanna Kaivalya

I was born with a hearing impairment that gave me a unique relationship to sound. As a child, I would feel sound, vibration, tone, and intonation in order to more fully access my world. This was second nature to me, but through my studies of yoga (and physics!), I suddenly found a reason behind my special relationship to sound. continued.

An excerpt from Circumstances Beyond My Control
by Three Stages author Ben Bryant

(12 secs)
I'm aware that I may lose some readers with this confessional but I said in my preface that this was going to be an honest book and this stuff is important to me.

I hope you're not offended by my bluntness and I intend no disrespect for anyone's belief system. I simply want to tell you about mine....continued.

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