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  "The New Sun has caught the eye of high-placed optimists" -

Women Rule:
Find out what Prince Harry, Michael Moore, Warren Buffet and others really think of women. (It's all good.)

Seasons of Gandhi
by Victoria Barkley

Crossing the street at Union Square, I caught a glimmer of white out of the corner of my eye. This sliver of light was so serendipitous that I almost missed it. It was a lily dangling from the hand of Gandhi's statue.

Such simple beauty in an unexpected place, an unassuming single stem in the hand of this hero of peace, moved me to take a picture before I passed it by. "Wow, if life could only be this humbly uncomplicated!" I sighed with sadness clicking the camera. continued

8 Days a Week
Movie Review by Lese Dunton

Watching the Beatles' concerts and life on the big screen, I was completely uplifted by their enthusiasm and humor.

They gave everyone the generous gift of their music and contagious joy of life.


Black Lives Matter
The Bascially Brooklyn Series
by Jon Simonds

The Black Lives Matter movement has it all wrong. It isn't the police (many of whom are black) who are the enemy, but the legislators who draw up laws, such as the Florida Legislation drew up and adopted a decade ago.

The Statute 776.013 (3) signed into law in 2005 is more widely referred to as the Stand Your Ground Law... continued

Dropping the Struggle for Meaning
An excerpt from the book Dropping the Struggle
by Roger Housden

The movement toward personal meaning - the level of becoming, or individuation - is usually associated with having a purpose, with the journey of becoming someone through action and some form of achievement in the world, whether it be raising a child, launching a business, or performing an act of service.

Find your purpose, and your meaning will follow, the idea goes, because purpose can bring a sense of order into what might otherwise feel like a random jumble of events. continued

NEWSBRIEFS Oprah Winfrey, Jimmmy Fallon and more - with positive news to share.

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