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The New Sun has caught the eye of high-placed optimists" -

    Books for a Better Life Award Winners 2017!

Women Rule:
Find out what Prince Harry, Michael Moore, Warren Buffet and others really think of women. (It's all good.)

Asking the Big Questions
an excerpt from the book Words at the Threshold
by Lisa Smartt

Health-care providers told me that many people - even those
who have anxiety and discomfort in the dying process - often
have a breakthrough.

This breakthrough is often associated with bedside visions,
healing dreams, conversations with both living and deceased
beloveds, or other exceptional experiences.


How Many Missions Do You Have?
an excerpt from the book Discovering Your Soul's Purpose
by Mark Thurston

Are you a busy person whose life is full of responsibilities and demands?

Is almost every day packed with multiple tasks and challenges?

If so, then the idea of a solitary mission may seem foreign.

You might expect boredom if your life is focused on just one spiritual task.


The Art of the Con
The Basically Brooklyn Series
by Jon Simonds

As every good grifter knows, there is a trio of ingredients one must provide for the pot.

The first, though not necessarily the most important, is the bait.


Beauty in a Cancer Ward
by Jimmy Breslin
In honor of Jimmy's passing we are reprinting a story he wrote for The New Sun in 1998

...She spoke to them brightly and with as much laughter as possible.

It is not a place for laughter, but she tried to put it into the day, anyway.

Surely, this day.


NEWSBRIEFS Oprah Winfrey, Jimmmy Fallon and more - with positive news to share.

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